Kaiyo Hotel Heisei-kan at the Hakodate Yunokawa Hot Springs
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The lights of the fishing boats at night in the Tsugaru Channel along with the night skyline of Hakodate are part of the scenery that can only be seen here.
Feel the breeze from the sea on your face as you soak even your heart in the hot springs here at Kaiyo Hotel where the finest vacation begins.

Plan Reservations Hotsprings / Rooms / Dining Facilities / Access
Plan Reservations Hotsprings / Rooms / Dining Facilities / Access

Long ago only red colored cloudy hot springs could be found.
Later, many of the red colored hot springs dried up and now there are only a few hotels including the Heisei-kan where you can enjoy this quality of water.

Presently the Yunokawa Hot Springs are mainly Saline and clear water springs, in other words they are colorless, odorless and clear.
Although they are light they leave the skin feeling soft and supple after your bath.

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